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Zinc Stearate

Zinc Stearate

Product Details:

  • Form Powder
  • Chemical Name Zinc Stearate
  • CAS No 557-05-01
  • Grade Industrial Grade
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Zinc Stearate Price And Quantity

  • 100 Kilograms

Zinc Stearate Product Specifications

  • Powder
  • Industrial Grade
  • 557-05-01
  • Zinc Stearate

Zinc Stearate Trade Information

  • 1 Week
  • All India

Product Description

Zinc stearate is a chemical compound that consists of zinc and stearic acid. It is commonly used as a lubricant, a release agent, and an anti-blocking agent in various industries.

Here are some key points about zinc stearate:

1. Chemical Formula: The chemical formula for zinc stearate is Zn(C18H35O2)2. It is composed of two stearic acid molecules (C18H35O2) and one zinc ion (Zn2+).

2. Physical Properties: Zinc stearate is a white, fluffy powder with a slight fatty odor. It is insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents such as alcohols and hydrocarbons.

3. Lubricant and Release Agent: Due to its low coefficient of friction, zinc stearate is used as a lubricant in various applications, including plastics, rubber, and pharmaceuticals. It helps reduce friction and improve the flow properties of powders and granules. It also functions as a release agent in the production of molded rubber, plastic, and metal casting processes, preventing the sticking of the finished products to the molds or dies.

4. Anti-Blocking Agent: Zinc stearate is an effective anti-blocking agent, which means it prevents the adhesion of surfaces, especially in materials such as films, coatings, and powders. It reduces the tendency of these materials to stick together, making them easier to handle, package, and use.

5. Stabilizer and Thickener: Zinc stearate is used as a stabilizer in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products, where it prevents the degradation of the polymer during processing and enhances its heat stability. It also acts as a thickening agent in cosmetics, providing texture and consistency to creams, lotions, and powders.

6. Other Applications: Zinc stearate finds applications in various industries. It is used in paints and coatings as a flatting agent to impart a matte finish. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used as a tablet and capsule mold release agent. It is also used in the production of adhesives, textiles, and printing inks.

7. Safety: Zinc stearate is considered to be a low-toxicity compound and is generally regarded as safe for use in various applications. However, like any chemical substance, it is important to follow proper handling and safety guidelines when working with zinc stearate to minimize exposure and potential risks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the purpose of zinc stearate?

A: Zinc stearate is used for various purposes. Its primary functions include serving as a lubricant, release agent, and anti-blocking agent in industries such as plastics, rubber, pharmaceuticals, paints, and coatings. It also acts as a stabilizer, thickener, and flatting agent in different applications.

Q: How does zinc stearate work as a lubricant?

A: Zinc stearate reduces friction between surfaces, allowing for smoother movement and improved flow properties. It forms a thin, protective layer that separates materials, such as powders or granules, minimizing contact and preventing them from sticking together.

Q: Is zinc stearate toxic?

A: Zinc stearate is considered to have low toxicity. It is generally regarded as safe for use in various applications. However, it is important to follow proper safety guidelines, such as wearing appropriate protective equipment and avoiding inhalation or ingestion of the substance.

Q: Can zinc stearate be used in food applications?

A: While zinc stearate is generally safe, it is not commonly used in food applications. It is primarily used in non-food industries such as plastics, rubber, paints, and pharmaceuticals. If you have specific food-related inquiries, it is recommended to consult the appropriate regulatory authorities.

Q: How is zinc stearate applied in the rubber industry?

A: In the rubber industry, zinc stearate is used as a lubricant and release agent during the manufacturing process. It prevents the rubber from sticking to the molds or equipment, making it easier to handle and process. Zinc stearate also improves the dispersion of fillers and additives in rubber compounds.

Q: Can zinc stearate be used in cosmetics?

A: Yes, zinc stearate is commonly used in cosmetics and personal care products. It acts as a thickening agent, providing texture and consistency to creams, lotions, powders, and other cosmetic formulations.

Q: Does zinc stearate have any environmental impact?

A: Zinc stearate is not known to have significant environmental impacts. It is non-toxic to aquatic life and is not considered hazardous to the environment when used responsibly. However, it is always important to handle and dispose of any chemical substance in an environmentally responsible manner.

Q: Can zinc stearate be mixed with other substances?

A: Yes, zinc stearate can be mixed with other substances to achieve desired properties or formulations. It is often blended with other additives, polymers, or fillers to enhance performance characteristics in various applications.
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